Cemetery Tour

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Wednesday October 28

5:00 PM  –  6:00 PM

Come learn about the history of potters field and the origins of the arboretum on this walking tour.

The tour will meet in the main parking lot and head up cemetery trail to Potters Field and then return back to the parking lot before dark.

The total walking distance is approximately 0.6 miles.

Registration is required to attend this free event.

Along the walk we will discuss the history of the cemetery and the arboretum. On arrival we will respectfully explore a small section of the cemetery. On the walk back to the parking lot there will be an oppotunity for Q&A. This tour is appropriate for adults and children over 12 years old that are interested in history.

Please note: that all children and adults are required to wear masks and remain socially distant while participating in program events and when near staff or other guests. Parents and children will be required to sign a COVID-19 Informed Consent Acknowledgement Form prior to participation in this program. We appreciate your patience and adherence to safety protocols.

Please contact the Bartlett Education Department with any questions @ 203-883-4035 

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